These are projects I hope will inspire others to try.

I.    “Best of the Class” public service campaign ’81

II.   “The Possible Dream” (Reducing School Violence Through Racial Harmony)

III.   “What the World Should Know About Black History in the USA”


(Black History educational supplement & coffee-table conversation piece)

IV.  “Asian Access Strategies” – Guide for doing business in Asia

V.   DEMO VIDEO of free-lance work + WBZ-TV interviews

  1. 00:01 Lotus
  2. 00;18 BMW v. Mercedes
  3. 00:42 Hancock Ins./Retail Report
  4. 00:59 Corning/Fiber Optics
  5. 01:18 Digital Equipment Co./Digital Video Network (DVN)
  6. 01:40 Oprah Winfrey “attacks me with pillow!”
  7. 04:11 Pres. Jimmy Carter “Blood of Abraham” + view of Pres. Reagan
  8. 06:00 Herpes Threat – women suing male partners
  9. 07:10 GM/UAW – Canadian strike
  10. 08:14 WXYZ-TV News Closer

VI.  “Coming Together” interview w/BB King in his “prime”

  1. 02:18  More BB – (he later asked my son to help “preserve” the Blues)
  2. 08:35 – 10:00 [COMMERCIALS]
  3. 10:01 – SuperCamp on “People Are Talking”
  4. 26:20 – Daughter Mardi makes “special appearance”
  5. 41:05 –  More from Mardi (“Bail-out” at will ~ 3 more hrs. of video  😉

VII.  History Channel (narrator), “Slave Catchers, Slave Resistors”

VIII.  “Song for a New World” (“Global“ sing-along to establish Global Community “theme song”) 

bosheraldsinsidetrack resize

Many liked idea/concept… but tech consultants said team was “too old” to reach “twitter generation” via social media.

IX: AHA! Multimedia, Inc.

buzz aha screenshot

The world still needs this programmed – learning project. It can make it easier for children, seniors, the poor, & people in developing countries, etc. al. to learn computer basics quickly, then surge up the “ladder of computer competence!” Thus, someone who knows a lot more about computer technology than I… can probably make “a bundle” updating and putting this project back together. EVERYTHING you need is on a single disc. Over $500K was invested, we were invited to present AHA! at the United Nations World Conference in 2001, but we missed that deadline…then came “9/11,” the corporate financial scandals (ENRON, Anderson, et. al.), co-founder/angel investor’s heart attack, and death of VC for Internet projects! The global financial crisis forced the UN to back off a commitment to “…make closing the digital divide a ‘top priority’ in the new millennium, and the Bush administration seldom if ever used the phrase as it supported a liberal cause.

–Contact attorney Kenneth Fishkin (Boston)


*Music – Greg Luttrell, “Let It Grow”

  • Hey Buzz,
    It’s been a pleasure working with you and playing a part in helping you get your book (‘What the World Should Know about Black History in the USA’) to market. In all our interactions, you’ve been ever a gentleman. I appreciate that in our business dealings, you’ve shown you value the people and the *relationship*– not just the transaction. I know you’ve faced some challenging times over the past couple of years w/ declining health, etc. I appreciate the inspiring example you’ve set: facing “the inevitable” with a steadfast spirit and a determination to “make the best of it”…(whatever “it” happens to be at the particular moment). My life is better for having known you. Be well, my friend. –Ryan

    • buzz says:

      Thank u so much, Ryan, 4 your comments & help w/the bk. Been down a while, but just got this comment (?). BTW, feeling is mutual about the quality of our interaction. the support of was invaluable in publishing my little book and your PATIENT personal service & advice 4 this tech “dinosaur” was generous beyond expectations!!! Much continued success as an Amazon affiliate… they r fortunate to have u !!!

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