Looking back, I spent an inordinate amount of time, energy, & money trying to use “media” to address social problems, promote racial harmony, and global peace. As you will see in my resume/career outline below, I won numerous awards for “public service” projects… but failed, miserably, on my final effort; tech experts said my team was just “too old” to succeed with a project requiring great use of today’s “social media” (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et. al.).  But I still have hope someone WILL build on what we started and deliver a “theme song” designed to help unite the “global community” and promote greater harmony around the world. Remember, the Kickstarter project failed, but click below to hear a “rough-cut” DEMO of the song. Use the “Back Button” anytime to return here. Please comment whether you think the project should be resumed.

“Song for a New World” – Theme Song for the “Global Community”

Click here to see solo performances of this song by all 8 “Global Ensemble” singers, and the links below to their other work.

In Order Of Appearance:

1. AFRICA – Mozambique / Albino Jorge Mbie


2. SOUTH AMERICA – Ecuador / Francisco Javier Ruiz Moncayo


3.  NON-CONTINENTAL — Malaysia /  Irma Seleman


4.  NORTH AMERICA — United States of America / Jon Aldrich


5.  EUROPE – French St. Martin Island / Moana Avvenenti


6.  EUROPE – Spain / Nathalie Raedler


7.  ASIA — India  (Dubai, United Arab EmIrates) / Shilpa Anantha Narayanan


8.  ASIA – China / Yun Huang



Also, please consider if projects like “Best of the Class” and “The Possible Dream” should be used in every high school to encourage academic achievement and avoid racial conflict.  After the 1981 “Class/pilot,” Sinatra’s song was replaced with original music written by Motor City “jingle” legend, Artie Fields, and sponsored by General Motors in over 90 U.S. cities… but dropped after the 1987 “economic collapse” (remember ‘Black Monday?’).  “… Dream” won national awards as an educational video package in ’93, but faded with the Internet “market boom” – now a national/global discussion of race relations is probably more important than ever, as “class warfare” looms larger and larger as a political tool. Hopefully, by posting it here, it will again become a broadly-used resource. (Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. Alvin Poussaint [“Cosby Show” advisor] gets “special thanks for his role in “The Possible Dream.”)

There are links to both of the above-mentioned videos and much more of my work, under the page “WORK SAMPLES.”

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    • buzz says:

      Thanks, Halley… but I couldn’t read entire comment (…but you must give it initial…???); just learning to use this tech. We haven’t launched yet; getting close. Pls b patient. There WILL be “contact” eM. MAJOR GOAL: Want conversations started here to survive my departure.

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