(Copy of 1965 Olivet College psychology assignment/Prof. James Lundy – returned with grade “A” and a note – “Excellent” underlined three times; he paused, smiled and said, “You scare me.”)  ASSIGNMENT: Please list, in order of importance to you – most important first, the six (6) most basic beliefs that you have; that is, list the values, truths, ideals, rules, etc., that actually determine the major portion of your behavior.

1 – I do exist. My most basic belief is best expressed in the words of Protagoras (I think), who said “I think, therefore I exist.” So, leaving behind the philosophical argument of the reality of things, I am here, there’s nothing I can do about it.

2 – If I live (exist) then I must have a purpose; I do. That purpose is to succeed in whatever I choose to do, and that choice is definitely up to me. I may choose to succeed as a bum, if I see fit to do so.

3 – Some people need a god to govern their actions, My God is my Mind. I believe it is possible, maybe probable, that a God exists. However, I don’t believe s/he is watching me write this paper. I make my own rules of life.

4 – There is a heaven; there is a hell. Heaven can be extracted from daily life if accepted in a realistic manner; Hell is what men usually make of that same daily life.

5 – Honesty, tho it may not always be the best route when dealing with others, is a must within yourself.

6 – Statius said, “Fear in the world first created the Gods.” The fear of death is probably the greatest fear, and to fear death impedes one’s manner of living… I am aliveI will die. Simple, isn’t it??? NOTE: After all these years, I wouldn’t change a thing; just sorry I never found #2 😉

*Music – Greg Luttrell Band LIVE in Shanghai

  • Dannie says:

    This is a topic that is near to my heart… Best wishes!

    Where are your contact details though?

    • Buzz says:

      A contact eM w/be provided. As of this date (10/22-14) this site is still U-N-D-E-R C-O-N-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-O-N. in fact, I believe the URL will change to
      “www.Buzz-Living-Obituary.com.” Sorry for the confusion and hope you will stick with us!

    • Sorry for the delay, Dannie. Site was “Up” but still UNDER CONSTRUCTION – sh/b officially launching any day now. Thanks for your support and good wishes. We want visitors to comment online/each section, but there is an eM at very end for confidential messages.

      Be well, be happy, and be wise,

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