Kindergarten class/Dawson School


Kindergarten (click to download then open document to see who is who in photo)

First Grade class


1stGrade (click to download then open document to see who is who in photo)

My Best Friends

                          David (Grogs) Gowens                  Mike (Modi/Mendotis/George) Gowens

My best friends; neighbors since pre-school, they “did time” but watched over my mother in her final years! Grogs was seriously wounded in Vietnam. Modi was fast as “Sugar Ray” with the fists!

Life-long home; winter c. ‘72

Family Photos_008 edited


Family Photos_012

My famous “Aunt” – grandpa raised her as little sister to his four boys after his sister & her husband were killed in auto wreck. She is as tough and fearless as any man I ever met!

10th Anniversary AHS Class of ‘62

Family Photos_006

Please use the comments section at the bottom of this page to let me know where you are in the photo! I am at the top right corner, second head in 🙂

Olivet College/Adelphic Alpha Pi Fraternity

Lutrell Photo

Greg 4th Grade

Family Photos_023

Mardi 4th Grade

Family Photos_024

Staff Meeting (Seymour Lundy Associates c.1970)


Cover of Black America’s Echoes of the Past (copy in Smithsonian Institute/National Museum of African American History and Culture – NMAAHC)


Free Press on Toddler (circa 1945)

Family Photos_001Family Photos_002

 First Lady, Rosalynn Carter’s Thank-You


White House Lawn 


ADWEEK Page & Paragraph

P.A.T. Promo with Jan Jones:  My “Welcome” to WZB-TV Boston (Co-host Jan Jones was wonderful, great friend, but manager argued with station & she left)


Arbitron/Nielson – As solo host, my ratings equaled other two networks (’85) (but VP/GM decided NOT to renew my contract after two years in job)


EvPresOC.Mag copy    (click link to download then open document)

Olivet College, “Shipherd’s Record” Alumni Magazine


50th High School Reunion 2012

Family Photos_007

Now, please use the comment section at the bottom of the page to tell us where you are standing in this picture! I am standing at the top row, the second person to the left with grey hair 🙂

Row1: Shirley Page, Mary Beth Isenhart, Adeline Wolf, Virginia Clawson, Marlyn Havens, Dinah Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Carolyn Henderson, Becky Larner, Ruth Malila, Mary Ann Gatten , Nancy Dobbins, Donna Davis, Glenda Allen
Row 2: Jerry Rininger, Don Belden, Sandy Nyberg, Sharon Hartwick, Marilyn Wakeman, Joan Goodwin, Sandy Guilani, Barb Peckham Joan Oisten, Linda Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Glenda Wilbur, Judi Miller, Carolyn Hopkins, Carl Schanz, Sherm Moored, Fred Graham, Tomas Hunter
Row 3: Mike Silver, Linda TerAverst, Linda Arndt, Dick Boyer, Jo Ann Reed, Kathy Meyers, Sue Martin, Milford Peabody, Doug Gardiner, Jerry Gant, Dick Billman, Roger Brenner, Bernie Harris, Bob Earl, John Simons
Row 4: Tom Noyes, Bob Tucek, Roy Butler, Bill Chronkhite, Emerson Wall, David Thompson, Barry Harris, David Middleton, Norm Smith
Row 5: Mike Vahue, Buzz Luttrell, Jim Schelb, Roy Ellis, Gordon Farrer, Steve Miller, Garth Maurer, David Bloss, Bob Simmons, Mike Bender.

AHS Hall Of Fame Plaque


Allegan, Michigan Hometown Tribute   (click link to download then open document)

© Song for a New World (front & back)


Allegan County News: Home town paper supported Black history booklet

ACN Front Page

ACN Page 1

ACN Page 2

LUTTRELL LINKS:  (Greg/site & Buzz/blog listed)

*Music – “Adagio” by Barber

  • Ah Buzz, for me it’s the memories, 1954-1962. You were a leader first, a great athlete, and a good friend.


    • buzz says:

      Ya mon… grade school thru H.S. then…? 50 yrs later. Heard u have had a great career. Can’t believe we have been almost neighbors again since (?) ’84 NH-MA. Hope to reconnect for a long talk! Be well!!

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