A. Married Marva (Boone-Gibson) – 2002

buzz article

Boston Herald, August 2002

 Family Photos_019

Our Aug. ’02 Wedding

B. Our parents (Marvin and Claudia Luttrell…. and William and Phoebe Boone)

Marvin Luttrell

Claudia Luttrell

WmBoone_001William Boone

Family Photos_026Phoebe Boone

C. Our siblings 

Marvin,  Marva, Buzz & Julie – 1999

Family Photos_016     Sylvia, Roland, Clinton, Emily & Marva  – 1991

 D. Son Greg & Daughter Mardi

Family Photos_022

Greg sang at our wedding

Greg’s website: www.gregluttrell.com

Family Photos_025

 Mardi with Marva – ’02 bridal shower


E. Marva’s kids

Family Photos_027

Michael Gibson at sister Michelle’s wedding to Sean Traverse – ‘91

 F. Mardi/Wellesley Daycare story 

mardi story resize

Daughter, Mardi, studied “early childhood development“

 G. Mardi’s family

Family Photos_017

The Fourreaus: Mardi, Max, Jean, Lily & Will (’11)

 H. Michelle’s family

Family Photos_021

The Traverses:  Lexi, Luke, Michelle, Sean, & Anna (’13)

 I. Dad’s Father: ‘Granpa R.E. Luttrell’

Family Photos_011

 J. Marva won “Best Hat” at Mardi & Jean’s wedding

Family Photos_018

K. Sister Marva sky-diving video (video deleted)

Sister Marva called ME crazy for racing stock cars, etc., in my youth, then jumped from plane at 13,000 ft. for her 50th birthday??? 


*(Note: Married Suzanne Durham-Clay 1968-1996)

*Music – Greg Luttrell Band LIVE in Shanghai

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