Notable mentions/photos/interviews:

Johnny Most/Celtics

Bobby Orr/Bruins

Willie Mosconi/World Pool Champ

Wives of Patriot, Cetlics, Red Sox Stars)

Buzz AHS Profile (click link to download then open document)

OC Hook shot



OC Team Photo


(C) Vince Sigren, Buzz, Rex Twaits, Tony Kruzman, Bill Elias, Gordy Lofts, Dave Sudbury, Dennis!

Benny Benford,  Marty LaPorte, Alan Doss Brian Benner, Karl Wilson, Jerry Allocco

My LAST B-ball Game: Media Celebs vs. Boston Neighborhood All-Stars

00:01 – Charity Sponsors

00:55  – Player intros by legendary Celtics announcer Johnny Most

02:38  –  Media Team Coach, Hockey “great” Bobby Orr

03:40  –  “Watch-out for Luttrell; can’t jump at age 42, but…?”

11:00  –  11:20 – Scoop-shot & comment…

14:20  –  The ‘ole jump hook shot; ain’t workin’

15:30  –  “Heavy hitters” comin’ back…

16:50  –  17:25  – OMG… a rebound & pass!

20:25  –  20:48  – runnin’ out of gas… then BANG!

21:30  –  21:44  – ? Is Celtics Coach KC Jones watching?-

28:10  –  Oh, oh… Celebs storm court in desperation – charity BRAWL?

GREAT FUN for a GREAT CAUSE… but D-E-A-D  tired!!!



For decades (40’s-80’s) Willie Mosconi and “Minnesota Fats” dueled for the world pocket billiards title; Willie convinced me I had no future in the game when I was offered up to play him in ’79 at a Chrysler auto show in Atlanta; my most humiliating sports experience! I was “Urban Affairs Executive” for Chrysler at the time.

Hunter.HallofFame (click link to download then open document) – Friend since 1st grade, Tomas (“The Magnificent”) Hunter wrote my AHS Sports Hall of Fame nomination! Gracias!

*Music – “Keeping it Funky” by Greg Luttrell

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